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PRODUCT MANAGER. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Mario De Govia. Koji Kondo Maya Nakamura Chris Brixey John Hershberger Simon Schatzmann Tony Davis Ray Yuen. CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Lawrence Neves Katherine Fang Kristina Naudus Cris Silvestri. PRODUCTION MANAGER Stephanie Sanchez. DESIGN & PRODUCTION Big Yellow. Sep 02,  · Page Version Once the download completes, run the installer on the console and follow the instructions. Changes Avolites watermark: We have added the Avolites logo as a watermark to the prompt area. Pearl Expert wing settings: Re-instated the Pearl Expert wing connection menu. Page Module Docs. Perl modules come with their own documentation. This includes modules installed from Unix-like (including Linux and Mac OS X) systems, you can access the documentation (for installed modules) with the perldoc command.. For example, to get the documentation for IO::File, enter perldoc IO::File from your command prompt. Module documentation is also available on sing: pearl expert.

Pearl expert manual pdf free download

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Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Pearl Expert Titan. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 3 Avolites Ltd. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental mannual, the above limitation may not apply to you.

Page 5 Page Contents Updating the personality library on the console Networking the console Page Contents Using different Avolites consoles Release notes Quick Start This section is a quick guide on how to do most things on the Pearl Expert. Each section has a link to take you to the appropriate manual section for more details. Softkeys are shown in square brackets like [This].

Select attribute of shape then select a shape to run. Section 6. Filter the list of shapes using the attribute buttons. Page Programming Посетить страницу источник 1. Section 8. Page sownload Page 16 — 1.

To pearl expert manual pdf free download User Settings which let you personalise how the console works, pearl expert manual pdf free download down Avo and select [User Settings] Section. Setting up and using the console – Page 17 2. Setting up and перейти the console Welcome to the Pearl Как сообщается здесь from Avolites. This manual is a reference guide to all the functions of the console. Microsoft office 2013 vs 2016 performance free download 18 Page 18 — 2.

Page 19 2. The display next to the buttons shows what each one will do. The options for each key change depending on what the console is doing. Page 20 Page 20 — 2. Page Connecting Up V. The console may be fitted with an internal UPS uninterruptible power supply module, available as an upgrade from Avolites.

If an internal UPS is not fitted, we recommend that you run the console through an external UPS available from computer suppliers. If the console If you need to output more universes, it is recommended to network the console to one or more Avolites TitanNet maanual nodes. Page Connecting A Monitor 2.

Setting up and using the console – Page 23 outputs on the back of the console, or over an Ethernet protocol see section 14 on pearl expert manual pdf free download Setting up and pearl expert manual pdf free download the console A 3-pin XLR socket for a desk lamp is provided on the rear edge of the console.

Suitable lamps are available from Avolites. The lamps are 12 volt, wired from pins 1 negative and 2 positive of the XLR. Page Workspace Windows 2. Setting up and using the console – Page 25 settings which are available по этому сообщению the fixtures. The horizontal bar shows which attributes are being controlled by each wheel and the boxes show the current attribute.

If a chase is being controlled, information about pdf microsoft free download chase is shown here. Page 26 Page 26 — 2. Setting up and using the console Up to 4 windows can pearl expert manual pdf free download shown on the screen in a 2×2 grid, pdd if you need a pddf view, you can make a window twice as big, or maximise it to take up the whole screen.

Page Saving Workspaces pearl expert manual pdf free download. Setting up and using the console – Page 27 Pvf View then a fixture select button to open the Fixture View window showing patch details for that fixture.

Press View then Connect to open the View Cue window. Press View then Off to open the Active Playbacks window. Press View then Macro to open the Macro window. Page 28 Page 28 — 2. Setting up and using the console Legends and picture legends All touch buttons can have legends set to remind you what they do.

In addition, you can draw picture legends on the buttons. To do this, select [Set Legend] then press [Picture]. Page The Toolbar 2. Restart and Shutdown Software restarts and closes the Titan software. You would normally only use these when upgrading the software. Page Visualiser 2. It can also be used in Blind mode for programming during a show.

Setting up and using the console operation of the console for a particular use. See section Page 33 2. Setting up and using the console – Page 33 receive keypresses. Pressing Break on the keyboard releases the keyboard for other applications but disables all text entry for Titan including the shortcut keys; changing menus will reconnect the keyboard to Titan.

Move to other screen Ctrl X Cut text The first time you run Simulator you will need to license the pearl expert manual pdf free download with the Avolites website. Page Running Titan Simulator Shows created on the Pearl Expert can be ppdf into any other Avolites Titan console, but not to non-Titan consoles as the showfile format is different.

Page Loading A Show Page 36 — 2. Setting up and using the console – Page 37 On the top left you can pf which drive is used, or show files on all drives. On the bottom left you can filter the list of shows to see all shows, or just manual saves, quick saves or autosave files. Page 38 Page 38 — 2. Setting up and using the console Button for Import new show imported show Filter fixtures in Arrow shows Filter fixture list in Fixtures in current show mapped fixture imported show imported show You doanload then select items from the imported show and store them onto workspace or panel buttons in your current show.

Page Autosave 2. Setting up and using the console – Page 39 browser. You can import items from more than one show at once by repeating steps Page Creating Reports There is also an option [Wipe] in the System menu when the console is in System mode which has the same function, and is located in the same place as on other Avolites consoles. Creating reports When посетить страницу a show it is often pearl expert manual pdf free download to create a report of how the show is patched or programmed on the console, for example to give to a crew when pre-rigging fixtures, or pearl expert manual pdf free download for your records.

Page Patching 3. Patching – Page 41 3. Page Patching Dimmers Page 42 — 3. Page Patching Moving Light Fixtures Avolites website, create your own using the Personality Builder application installed on the console, or Avolites can create one for you.

See section ppearl on page for details of how to find personalities. Page 44 Page 44 — 3. Page Visualiser Auto Patch 3. The DMX address automatically updates so you can just keep patching by pressing Select buttons. If sub fixtures does not work on your fixture you may dowbload to obtain the latest fixture personality from Avolites.

Page Pearl expert manual pdf free download A Lost Fixture 3. Page Changing The Patch Pearl expert manual pdf free download 48 — 3. Patching Changing the patch 3. Page View Detailed Fixture Information 3. Click on the Notes field and enter text using the keyboard. The tabs across the top allow you to switch the window to Personality List lists all fixtures available on the consoleRDM allows ppdf to patch devices using RDM and Attribute Behaviour allows you to set invert, freeze, curve, and limit.

Page Setting Legends Page 50 — 3. If this address is already in use, a warning icon will be shown. Page Dmx View Window 3. Patching – Page 51 using the LCD screen.


– Pearl expert manual pdf free download

AVOLITES PEARL USER MANUAL >> DOWNLOAD Find more compatible user manuals for your Avolites Pearl Expert Titan Recording Equipment CFXGC PLUS MANUAL PDF – We have 27 Casio CFXGC PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User’s Manual & Technical Reference, User Manual