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Adventure as Rex and Max, two kids trying to stop the evil Dr. Z by excavating dinosaurs and facing off in dino battle using “rock-paper-scissors.” Developed by. Download Dinosaur King Games Download Pc – best software for Windows. Age of Dinosaurs 3D Screen saver: Age of Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver offers you to make. Dinosaur King is a recently launched PC game, but it’s already a popular choice on social media. It’s quite new and therefore only number.


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Like many other games throughout the dinosaur king game pc, the Dinosaur King Arcade evolved as time passes. Currently, this database only supports information regarding foreign versions due to the думаю, battlefield 3 download pc free of the knowledge of the more updated Japanese versions that began to appear in Dinosaur king game pc This wiki requires your help to this page, add in more information if you can, you are helping you and others. Although Dinosaur King had died down aroundit has numerous amounts of videos coming from the Japanese and even English arcade games.

Tournaments, Dinosaur and Move Card demonstration videos, and emulation videos, have come out ever since Sources can be found by players of the arcade card ownersvideos described dinosauur, and card lists found on the web. Tarbosaurus ‘ introduction in the early dinosaur king game pc. As the beginner of Dinosaur King, Узнать больше здесь launched the game aroundaround the same time when it was launched dinosaur king game pc other nations.

Official websites dinosaur king game pc formed for the U. Japan’s developments of the versions were at least one year ahead of all other foreign versions. Therefore, their roster of Dinosaurs dinosaur king game pc Move Cards have more variety and combinations.

For example, a card list given to Taiwan may have been given around latewhile Japan received that dinosqur same card list in Note: U. The remaining nations, which are more than the four nations described previously, have the same version as each other, with the main difference being the language. However, the cards’ barcodes are the same no matter which language it is.

As said above, they update slower than Japan, and so they only have cards that have appeared before the introduction of Armored DinosaursSuper Dinosaursand the Spectral Space Pirateshaving stopped adapting the game before their introduction. Taiwan, however, became an exception when compared to other nations since they developed their final card wave without translating cards from a Japanese wave. All new artwork was fully original, though some cards recycled old art, too.

However, the format slightly resembles a certain version from Japan. It is almost certain that this wave was limited to Taiwan only, since there are no reports of such material’s appearance in other nations. The following is a roster of Dinosaurs that have kint in all nations’ versions of the arcade Note: This excludes some known dinosaurs with the same Technique and Strength :.

Acrocanthosaurus Alpha. Allosaurus Alpha. Chasmosaurus Alpha. Kentrosaurus Alpha. Gorgosaurus Alpha. Irritator Alpha. Einiosaurus Alpha. Wuerhosaurus Alpha. Ouranosaurus Alpha. Dilophosaurus Alpha. Note: The reason that these cards are included is that they are found within the machine’s database dinosaur king game pc barcodes. Therefore, it is a possibility dinosaur king game pc some may have never encountered some of the cards on this roster.

Max and Rex found stone tablets, the tablets suddenly bursts out voices of the past: Dinosaurs! They request that Max and Rex go back to the past to help them dinosayr the Alpha Gang.

A continuation of the previous story. Max and Rex decided to continue rescuing dinosaurs. They soon discover the Alpha Gang delivering some dinosaurs away for experiments. They succeeded in creating an Alpha Acrocanthosaurusin which serves as the final boss. In the story, they were also close to transforming kking Irritator. The D-Team, this time including Zoe and Reesesaw the stone tablets glowing once more after presumably returning to the present.

They knew once more that the Alpha Gang is up to something. Once more, Max and Rex went to the past, alongside with a communication device called a “D-Watch”. After defeating Zander who uses dinosaurs with Strength levelRex was captured by Dr. Max then continued on, with Zoe joining the battles at the end где adobe illustrator cc tutorials bangla free продолжения the first part of the story.

In the second part of the story, they saw that the Alpha Gang dinodaur been dinsoaur fortresses as a protection for their creation of Alpha Dinosaurs. Once more, they were defeated and Zoe dinosaur king game pc a Centrosaurusa Triceratops and a Styracosaurus mastering the three Lightning Strike to destroy the fortress while the Alpha Gang fled again.

Note: These are two versions later combined during the release of Kakushin editions developed by and for Japan only. This Wiki requires certification by those that have experience with the Japanese Arcade.

Please see Dinosaur king game pc Card Versions for more information about cards in the updated versions in Japan. This version was released in April Aratanaru Chikara!! Card lists can be confusing at times. Sometimes, Move Card artworks depict gamee that have not appeared in the current card list. For example, Rajasaurus and Shunosaurus were shown in Skydive and Dinosau of the Sphere cards, respectively, in the 2nd Editioneven though they don’t appear in card lists dinosaur king game pc three Shunosaurus and five Rajasaurus release waves later, Rajasaurus even coming too late to get an English release.

However, this suggests that the arcade system that distributes this wave of cards might have the dinosaurs shown on the cards within its system. Dinosaur King Explore. Dinosaur King Fanon Wiki. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don’t have an account? Arcade /49988.txt. View source.

History Talk 0. Battle interface in the version Wall Smash. Battle interface in a later version for comparison Wall Smash. Categories : Arcade. Universal Conquest Wiki. Yangchuanosaurus Shunosaurus Arrhinoceratops Anatotitan Deltadromeus. Pachycephalosaurus Deinonychus Therizinosaurus.

Black Tyrannosaurus Isisaurus.