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Microsoft office word resume templates 2010 free download

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A resume is defined as a document enlisting an individual personal and professional experience along with your skills and educational history. The main purpose of a resume is to show yourself as the best potential candidate for a particular job.

A good resume opens up 2 percent more chances of you being hired by an organization. The first part known as the introduction opens up by putting light on your professional history. In the next step, you are to give an overview of all your past jobs in which you ought to tell separately that what type of job tasks you had been performing and how they had eventually helped you polish your skills. Next would be a discussion of your expertise. The core area in which you are an expert.

Another milestone is covered in the next step which is to tell the employer that how does the job attracts you as an individual. This very step is accompanied by focusing more on the job description along with your skills and abilities which make you the best fit candidate for the job.

You can customize each of these resumes easily with just an average knowledge of using MS Word. Avoid publishing any fake details regarding yourself. You might end up doing your loss. You will certainly get caught up if due to some reason you had manipulated specific details. Mostly it is the HR department of companies who are engaged in the employment verification process once the resume is with the organization but there are cases where organizations tend to hire third-party services for verification purposes.

Skills : In this very part the individual highlights his skills which make him capable of doing the job. Skills may also define any expertise of the individual. Education: Here the individual lists down his educational background.

He must list down his qualification in chronological order. Objective: The individual must clearly state his objective behind seeking the job. References : References must be quoted very clearly whether it be an individual whose name you are quoting or any other body. Details to which may be incorporated sincerely. Experience: Lastly the experience of the individual with past organizations must be stated.

Chronological Resume : This is the most common type of resume used. It lists down your history of work in chronological order, stating the most recent job first and then moving down to the earliest.

It is helpful as it provides a quick snapshot of all the work history to the employer. This type of resume is preferred when you have a short time lapse between different jobs you have undertaken. Combination Resume : This resume lets you list down your skills and experiences along with your work history. It is preferable to use a combination resume when you want to detail your work experiences. Targeted Resume : The targeted resume provides a customized detail with respect to the job an individual is seeking.

Your qualifications, objectives, and experiences all are mirror images of the job description. Functional Resume : The functional resume focuses first on your skills and experiences. This type of resume de-emphasizes the dates in which you have worked in an organization.

Your employment history comes second beneath your skills. A resume is important both for the employee and the employer. It helps the employee show his skills and qualities needed for a particular job and also helps the employer to seek potential employees suitable for a job through interviews.

According to many employers, the skills section is the most important part of a resume. A potential candidate who does not have much job experience must have the potential skills to do a particular job showing that he has the potential for growth. It also helps to depict the interest of the potential candidates. Whatever job you are seeking one thing is for sure that you must not lie about any details which you have written on your resume.

Each and every detail of yours must be backed up by solid proof so as to satisfy the employer that you have shown him the correct picture. A powerful resume helps attract employers towards you as a candidate so being specific with things is really important.

Do not rush into providing unnecessary details. It is your mirror image that has put in words on a single piece of paper known as your resume. Your skills and experiences makeup what you are and also help the employer know your true potential so make the most out of them. Key areas to be included in a resume?

Does your resume get checked? What is the format of a resume? A one-inch margin is to be left while writing a resume. The selected font must be elegant which makes it easy to read. The font size must not exceed 11 to 12 points. Space must be left before and after headings. Important sections of a resume The six major parts of a resume include: Skills Education Objective Contact information References Experience Skills : In this very part the individual highlights his skills which make him capable of doing the job.

A resume helps an individual to be finally called up for an interview by the potential employer. Things that should not be part of resume Too much information : Avoid detailing unnecessary information. Grammatical error : One should be very clear with respect to the grammatical errors in a resume.

You must be very good at spellings. Fake qualification: Never add up any fake qualification information which is fake while writing a resume. You will end up being caught up by the employer. Avoid negativity: Avoid adding up negative comments regarding your past employer. Hobbies: Do not put in much detail about your personal interest and hobbies.

Types of resume format The four major types of resume are: Chronological Combination Targeted Functional Chronological Resume : This is the most common type of resume used. Importance of resume A resume is important both for the employee and the employer. What is the most important part of a resume? Search Templates Go.



Microsoft office word resume templates 2010 free download.21+ Free Resume Templates for Freshers and Professionals


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Without even having to leave your email address anywhere. I love your resume. Good job guys, keep up the good work! Dylan My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes.

Absolutely wonderful! Of course, a fillable blank resume template for Word looks very convenient. Before you even start fiddling around in Word, try a dedicated resume builder that guides you through the entire process and comes with a library of easy-to-use, customizable resume templates like these.

Resumes and cover letters. Explore premium templates Bring your ideas to life with more customizable templates and new creative options when you subscribe to Microsoft Geometric resume. Organized modern cover letter.

Minimalist cover letter. Explore premium templates. Headshot resume. Simple resume. Modern chronological cover letter. Functional resume. Have you created a Bitmoji of yourself? Do you think your employer would find it creative? Match the template and add it as your photo. If you need a resume template that will showcase your artistic skills without being too casual or being too informal, this is perfect for you. You can also add in notes of your accomplishments, relevant skills, and qualifications for the job.

The curriculum vitae-style resume below flips the typical two-column resume so the basic applicant information is listed across the right side, rather than the left. Feel free to change the color of this sidebar in Microsoft Word if dark-red isn’t your thing — the template can pull off any color you wish.

If you are a graduate student entering the workforce, having a CV-style resume will demonstrate the depth of your knowledge first and showcase how your continued education will contribute to your future work environment. This template, also offered on Freesumes, dares to use yellow as the dominant color — but doesn’t sacrifice professionalism in the process.

The document anchors the education section to a thick, bright banner across the bottom, but you can likely change this to a skills section with some simple editing in Microsoft Word. This clean-cut design represents a candidate who is all about precision. This template would serve candidates who have experience in architecture or construction.

What makes this resume unique is the space for references on the lower left-hand side. Does your field need others to vouch for your experience? This resume gives you room for three solid recommendations. If you work in branding or have a large social media following, you can demonstrate your ability to create a cohesive message with this resume template.

Feel free to change the color scheme to suit your brand. This one was designed by the stationery experts at MOO and is offered for download by Microsoft. Simple but vibrant, this template hugs the text with an artistic header and footer — great for recent graduates who need to fill empty space on the page.

If you are a photographer who does freelance work, this is a great template to showcase your experience. This will give your hiring manager or client an excellent first impression because it showcases your creative ability without sacrificing the important elements — your accomplishments. This resume embraces simplicity with a slight touch of color to make things a bit more interesting. It also nicely sections off Skills and Education notes from the Work History list.

With LiveCareer. This resume gives a modern twist on the resume. It’s perfect for those looking for a fresher look than the traditional resume. This NovoResume. A colorful format like this one might be great for a media or advertising professional who wants to keep their job application visually memorable to prospective employers.

If you’re looking for simplicity and efficiency rather than something colorful, consider this Elegant Resume Template from Jofibo. With Jofibo, you can select this or other similar templates on the website, enter your information, and then download it quickly and easily.

If you are a mid-level marketing candidate, use this fun template to showcase all of your expertise and accomplishments. It’s an eye-catching template that displays your creativity and ability to engage. Because of the color and image, it’s pretty memorable.

But, for those who prefer a more conservative resume look, this template is fairly simple. This template is great for accomplished candidates moving into a high-rank position. This layout allows you to fit plenty of accomplishments, and the conservative look organizes the fullness of your career neatly. This resume is perfect for displaying a clear timeline of your career history. It’s ideal for a seasoned professional who may have a lot of experience and wants to display it on one to two pages.

The template also allows you to highlight your competency level in various areas, giving the recruiter an easy way to spot your expertise. This resume is great for people in the technical space because it adds a touch of color and feels more compact, which will allow you to get right to the point about your key skills, certifications, and work experiences.

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, open the program and let it load for a moment. There will be a couple of helpful options waiting for you on the first screen, specifically for resume creation.

Once you’ve launched MS Word, a window of templates will appear. Scroll down until you see the template options designed for resumes — there will be at least two of them. Double-click the one that suits your style and personal brand, but don’t be too particular about design just yet When your resume template opens, you’ll see placeholder text for each line of your resume, starting with your first and last name at the top.

Delete this header text and enter your name, as well as any contact information by which you want the recruiter to contact you. Use the first line below your name and contact info to describe who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for in your career. List any relevant degrees or certificates you received through schooling.

You can safely exclude secondary education if you’ve graduated from an accredited college. Your professional experience is frequently the most important section of your resume, so feel free to rank this section above your skills and education, depending on how many jobs you previously held. If you have experience in certain software, exercises, problem-solving, or management techniques, use them to populate your skills.

Your resume’s “Skills” section helps reveal what all of your previous jobs or related experiences have in common, based on what they taught you and what you provided them. Finish out your resume with any personal accomplishments or accolades you think a hiring manager in your industry would appreciate. Although this section shouldn’t include a Most Improved recognition from little league, for example, it should definitely include your Marketer of the Month award from your last position.

Next, let’s cover how to format your brand-new resume in Word. When formatting a resume in Word, it’s important to know the right style. We’ll go over it piece by piece. Your resume should contain one-inch margins on all sides. Most documents will automatically have one-inch margins, but it’s best to double-check or create them yourself. Here’s how to create one-inch margins for your resume:. Lastly, make sure your font size is pt.

This font size is standard for most resumes. However, if you have a particularly long CV, you could potentially get away with an pt font size to fit it all on one page. Create a header in Word by selecting “Styles”.


Microsoft office word resume templates 2010 free download. Use a template to create a resume


To access these resume templates from your computer:. To access Microsoft resume templates online:. Once you have downloaded or opened a resume template file, type over the text in the document to create your own, personalized resume:.

When picking out a template to use, choose a simple template that’s easy to edit and format. Fancy formatting and fonts may get lost when you upload or email your resume document. A basic resume is also easier for the hiring manager to read. Your resume doesn’t need to include everything you ever did. If you have a lengthy employment history, you don’t need to include it all. Employers typically don’t expect to see more than years of work experience on a resume.

Try to keep the resume no longer than one page , if possible, especially if you are applying for an entry-level job. However, more experienced candidates might make a longer resume. Be sure to change all of the information in the template so that the finished document is specific to you and your skills.

It should include:. You may also want to include a profile and a headline, though these sections are options. Also, make sure to tailor the document to the job you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying to be a teacher, include any work or volunteer experiences that involve teaching others or leading a group of people. Include keywords from the job application in your document, as well. This is another way to connect your resume to a specific job. The employer may request your resume in a specific file format. Typical options are Microsoft Word. Save your resume with your name as the file name.

This way, employers will know to whom it belongs. For example, save it as firstname. When you’re typing or copying and pasting over the content of a template, be sure that you have replaced all the information in it with your contact information, experience, and education. Double-check to make sure that everything on the final version of the resume is about you.

Along with checking the details, take the time to carefully proofread your resume before you click upload or send. A polished resume will impress an employer. More free Microsoft resume templates are available as a download for Microsoft Word users to use to create their resumes.

Microsoft also has templates for cover letters, curriculum vitae, and more career-related correspondence. Microsoft Word resume options include:. Microsoft offers some resume templates online for free.

Other templates require a Microsoft subscription. A resume template can be a useful tool. Use a template to guide your writing and to ensure that your formatting is consistent and professional. However, your finished resume should be entirely your own. Take care to customize your resume for each job application.

Microsoft Office. Making a resume like this while you’re online is quick and easy. Need more help? Expand your skills.

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